Monday, October 28, 2013

Jim KNEW !!!

JIM   KNEW   !!!

     Suddenly Jim KNEW that he would die a few years hence and that he only had one chance to accomplish anything in life, namely by saying YES to the job offer a friend would give him in two minutes.  He KNEW this was from God, so he immediately repented of his foolishness, said YES to God and then said YES to his friend when the phone call came as predicted.  Jim immediately called me to ask me to help him get ready to leave, and I immediately said YES, and went to his cottage to assist him in cleaning it up and disposing of his drugs and porn and other junk, just in time to get it into the trash can for the trash truck, and just in time for him to leave.  The car dealer immediately brought his new car over, having changed the name of the owner to ME, one of several super-generous gifts Jim gave me for my help, the other being his stocks in a modest size company in which several members of his family has sizable investments.

     My next job was to drive him to the airport using my new car, which did an excellent job and got him there just in time for him to leave on his flight to Iceland, where he will join a team of hastily assembled geologists which will be studying an impending volcanic activity.  Jim will finally get to use his geology degree and is very excited about it!

     My final job was to drive to his sister’s house to deliver to her his family memorabilia.   (He knows he will NOT be returning home, so I am doing it as his proxy.)  Erika is a successful businesswoman and a very serious person.  She was angry at Jim for foolishly wasting his life these past several years, and she was very surprised by his sudden change, and she questioned me about this to discern if it was genuine.

     I answered her questions about Jim to her satisfaction, and then I asked her about the stocks Jim had given me, because I knew nothing about this company.   She appreciated my interest and spent several hours providing me with very helpful information.  She is very knowledgeable about it even though she herself has no stocks in it because the family is quite misogynistic so that only the male descendants were given stocks!

     I was very impressed with Erika!  WOW – what a woman!  I am now having my own earth-shaking experience with Erika while Jim is having his earth-shaking geological experience in Iceland!  I am having a hard time thinking straight now, but I am able to think coherently enough to believe that Jim probably foresaw this also!!   Jim KNEW this would happen!

Forrest Wayne Schultz

October 28, 2013

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