Thursday, October 17, 2013

FIVE YEARS OF ...........


By Forrest Wayne Schultz


Five years ago I met an unusual lady in our public library. I had an urgent email to send and all the computers were in use. As I was about to panic I noticed that this lady was finishing up. I quickly went over and implored her not to log off. She graciously agreed to my request. As she stood up she held my hand and asked me to please come and talk with her after I was through. She would be waiting for me on one of the benches outside the library. I agreed to do so. It took me less than five minutes to compose and send my email. I quickly logged off, exited the library, and headed toward the benches outside.

When this lady had held my hand in the library, I had felt a jolt of delight which gave me a desire to be with her. As I approached her bench, she stood and this time took my hand in both of her hands and said, “Let’s take a walk!”. Her hand-holding this time was even more delightful. I wished so much to please her that I immediately acceded to her suggestion. We walked through the park and then onto the footpath that led into the forest behind the library.

As soon as we entered the forest she opened her heart to me. She said she wanted me to marry her and to administer the computer operations of her charity. We would work together by day and have fun together by night. I immediately agreed, and there are no words adequate to express the joy we had together for the next five years. Then she died. She foreknew her death and planned in advance for her niece to take her place, both as my wife and as head of the charity. She had prepared her niece for both well in advance but she did not disclose her plan to me until the day of her death. AND – believe it or not – her niece is even better than she was both as my wife and as head of the charity. Incredible!

October 17, 2013


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