Friday, October 23, 2015

The Kitten And The Crickets

The  Kitten  And  The  Crickets  --  A  True  Story


     Before I moved to Coweta, while I was living in Riverdale (in Clayton County) I took my boys for many walks in the woods near our house and in the woods on the other side of Upper Riverdale Road around and behind what was then called Clayton General Hospital (which was  small then).  In one of these walks on the east side of the hospital along a lane one of my boys heard a kitten mewing.  We interrupted our walk to investigate and found it hidden in the tall grass along the road.  It was a beautiful black little kitty and was very hungry.  I did not want to interrupt our walk so we decided to catch crickets (which were abundant in the grass) and feed them to her until she was full.  Then we continued our walk taking her with us and then back home.  We kept her for the rest of her long life and enjoyed her very much – she was one of the finest pets I have ever had.

     This is a true story and I am writing it at the request of my son Johnny, who wanted reminiscences of days of yore.  For another such story see my “The Water Hose Snake”.


Forrest W. Schultz

October 23, 2015