Wednesday, June 14, 2017




By  Forrest  W.  Schultz

     A few days ago I was very impressed when I read the description of the opening of the story in a newly published book:  the main character overhears the planning of a crime. Then, yesterday, I was astonished when the same thing happened to me:  I overheard two men planning a murder!  While I was still in a stunned state, my angelic friend Michael suddenly appeared, slew the criminals, and transported their corpses to a nearby deeeeep river which loves to entomb bad guys!

     He then quickly spoke to me:  "Cyanocube Bearer, I am in a hurry.  I need to leave at once for a special mission, so I had to deal with these criminals immediately.  I have no time to say anything more.  I will get in touch with you as soon as my mission is completed. "Good Bye!!"  I replied.  "Goodbye, Michael and THANK YOU VERY MUCH and Best Wishes on your mission!!".  

     I thought about this as I walked home from the secluded spot in my woods where this had happened.  I know the woman who was the intended victim.  Her name is Debbie Clark. She was a classmate of mine in high school and is one of the finest human beings I have ever known.  (She was also the best looking girl in the class!)  She did not do any dating because she did not believe in it -- she liked to say, in the words of the title of a very thoughtful book, that she had " kissed dating goodbye", and had decided she would only spend time with a man if they were to spend their time discussing whether they would get married, which was the way things were done prior to the twentieth century:  they called it "courtship". Debbie still lives here and works here in her own home-based business, and she still is single. Since I moved back home several years ago (as discussed in my Third Adventure) I have seen her a few times in town, and on one of these occasions we had a brief chat.  As I neared my house, I saw a car pull into my driveway.  I was astonished as I saw that it was Debbie Clark!  She got right to the point, and said she wanted to speak with me about an urgent matter.  I invited her into my house where we immediately went to the living room and she began to speak. 


     She got right to the point.  She said, "I was getting ready to eat lunch when suddenly I had a vision of two wicked men in your woods planning to murder me, and as soon as they had completed their planning, the vision ended.  I felt that this was God warning me and directing me to your house to report it to you."  I listened attentively and remained calm as I prepared my reply.  I told her VERY emphatically that she must NOT tell anyone of her vision and she most NOT tell anyone what I was about to tell her!!  After she promised this, I told her that I overheard these two men planning her murder, after which I saw them being miraculously killed and their corpses transported away.

     Debbie was so grateful and happy that she said she wished to express her gratitude to me by inviting me to lunch at her home.  I immediately accepted her invitation.  AND after lunch she told me that this lunch was to express her gratitude to me and did not count as courtship.  If I wanted to court her I had to ask her.  I replied, "I do not NEED to court you.  I KNOW I want to marry you. Will you marry me?"  She very emphatically and enthusiastically said "YES".!  We decided not to have a wedding ceremony.  We went to a Justice of the Peace who is a friend of hers to get the wedding document, and now we are married.  

     We did not always live HAPPILY ever after, but we always lived INTERESTINGLY ever after!!

June 14, 2017