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1. June 4, 1986   The Autobiography of a Lateral Time Traveller

2. Feb. 6, 1987   A Different Kind of Magic

3. Feb. 16, 1987   The Triumph of an Old Theory

4. Feb. 17, 1987   The Cyanocube of Kalothor 

5. Feb. 18, 1987   An Unlikely Weapon

6. Dec. 12, 1987   The Secret Hero

7. June 1988   The Murder of Dr. Scharf and The Defeat of the Klingon Armada

8. Feb. 12, 1989   The Box Which Could Not Be Opened

9. Sept. 30, 1989   The Defeat of the Poneru

10. August 19, 1991   Soap

11. December 2003   Drexel

12. Feb. 29, 2004   Lady Irene and The Final Cyanocube

13. May 2008   The Baffled Heir

14. May 30, 2008   The Cyanoring

15. May 30, 2008   Cyanoring 2

16. June 1, 2008   The Cyanodisk

17. June 1, 2008   The Strange Old Man and The Purple Ring

18. June 2, 2008   The Great Prize

19. Dec. 16, 2008   Identity

20. Dec. 28, 2008   The Jaguar Lady

21. July 1, 2010   Two Rings – Two Purposes

22. July 1, 2010   My Meta–Mission

23. July 27, 2010   D. Boone Rescued by a “Bar”

24. August 2010   A Post-Mortem Apology By Proxy

25. Sept. 10, 2010   Would You Like To Be Clint Eastwood For A Few Minutes??

26. Oct. 10, 2010   The Cyanorod

27. Feb. 21, 2011   Avengers:  Old and New

28. Oct. 14 2011   Cyanoring 3

29. November 2011   Cyanoring 4

30. June 6, 2012   Cyanorod 2

31. June 19, 2012   Cyanoring 5

32. Jan. 2, 2013   The Fate of Doctor Fell

33. Jan. 15, 2013   Acres of Diamonds LIVES !!!

34. Jan. 31, 2013   A Most Unusual Story About A Magic Ring

35. Feb. 8, 2013   Place Of Interest

36. Oct. 14, 2013   The Garnet Rings

37. Oct. 17, 2013   Five Years Of ------------

38. Oct. 28, 2013   Jim Knew!!

39. April 12, 2014   The Second Adventure of the Cyanocube Bearer:  The Woman In White

40. Sept. 29, 2014   The Strange Skotonians and The Vanishing of The Wicked


41.  Feb. 13, 2015    Where Is Carrie??

42.  April 7, 2015    Returning to Rural Roots: 
                                   The Third Adventure of the Cyanocube Bearer

43.  April 18, 2015    The Gold Watch

44.  May 28, 2015    Where Is Ed Hubble?

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49.  Dec. 17, 2015   YAHWEH  IS  THE  FORCE  WHO  IS  A  PERSON

50. Feb. 22, 2016   The Adventures of Cara On Planet Earth

51. April 18, 2016  A Most Unusual Task And A Most Unusual Secret

52. June 14, 2017  A Murder Prevented:  Fourth Adventure of The Cyanocube Bearer

53. July 3, 2017  The Quest For Jane Smith

54. July 14, 2017  DO  NOT  GET  ON  THAT  PLANE  !!!

55. July 27, 2017  I Saw A Fantasy In My Woods !!  

56. Oct. 28, 2017  Cyanorod - 3

57. Jan 8, 2018  Cyanoring 6

58. Jan. 29, 2018  Super-Weird:  Fifth Adventure of the Cyanocube Bearer

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Strange Skotonians And The Vanishing Of The Wicked

The   Strange   Skotonians   And   The   Vanishing   Of   The   Wicked

By   Forrest   Wayne   Schultz


[This is my fortieth short story.  It is probably my most unusual one.  I guess that is appropriate because forty is supposed to be some kind of special number.]


     We now have irrefutable evidence that, incredible as it seems, Skotonian agents are causing the wicked to vanish from the Earth.  There is nothing strange concerning the Skotonians’ ability to do this – their computers know almost everything about all inhabitants of the Earth, and their engineers a long time ago developed very powerful teleportation devices.  What is strange is why the Skotonians, who are notorious for their evil deeds and whose very name means “darkness”, would want the wicked to vanish from the Earth

     I am one of the Photonian agents monitoring these Skotonian activities and trying to interpret their significance.  We know what they are doing but have no idea why they are doing it.  One of the members of our team is studying newly developed demonological and vampirological conceptions by Terrans to see if this may be a factor.  Among these new ideas are vampires who are good, vampires who wish to be delivered from vampirism, and demons who wish to end their rebellion and get back into a right relationship with God.  Another idea may be the desire of the Skotonians to confuse those Christians waiting for the Rapture of the Church.  The motive here would be to befuddle these people by causing a “rapture” of the wicked instead of a rapture of the righteous!

     The only thing we do know for sure is that long ago the Skotonians succeeded in their efforts to give Terrans the idea that the Devil is more interesting than God.  As a result, no systematic theologies include the fact that God is interesting, and that the Devil is boring.  But how this is related to the latest Skotonian project, we do not know.

     But we are going to keep trying to understand this.  Not just because it is our job, but because this is one of the most interesting tasks we Photonians agents have ever been given!


September 29, 2014


Friday, April 4, 2014

The Woman In White: The Second Adventure of the Cyanocube Bearer



“Oh, Michael, are you there??”

“Yes, I am here, Cyanocube Bearer, and, once again, I am so glad you called!”

“I assume this is because of the two loathsome beings planning to attack The Woman In White.”

“Indeed!  And, once again, we are “on the same wavelength”, as you Americans say!  I wish to “terminate” those two “unmen”, and I await your request for me to do so.”

“Once again, we think alike.  I hereby humbly petition you to exterminate them ASAP in whatever manner you choose to be most expeditious.”

“I shall do so at once for the unman now approaching the summit of yonder mountain, which you shall now see on the screen in front of you.  You can thereby watch his truck careen off the road and into the deep lake at its base.   Do you see it?”

“Indeed, I do!  His demise made quite a splash!”

“Yes, I abhor these iniquitous men but I do get a bit of enjoyment out of removing them from the scene.  Now, Cyanocube Bearer, I shall show you the second one, who is approaching a dismal swamp he had hoped to use for his nefarious purposes, which is now, as you see, slowly swallowing him in its quicksand.”

“Yes, I do see him and I sense his wicked hatred for the Woman In White, which has been dehumanizing him ever more, and I too rejoice in witnessing his removal from Earth into Gehenna.”

“OK, now that this is over, I shall recharge your Cube from its Magenta (low charged) state into its Cyano- (fully charged) state so that you will find it easier to contact me and for me to communicate with you.  I believe that there will be future assaults upon the Woman In White, and I wish for you to contact me immediately if you sense any kind of danger whatever.  Will you please do so?”


“Yes, I will do so with pleasure.  And thanks for the restoration of the Cyanocube.  To use another American colloquialism, I got a charge out of that!!”

“You are quite welcome.  Now I sense that you have a question about our first adventure together.  Please ask away!”

“Indeed I do – you are quite perceptive.  Please give me an update on Lady Irene, and please tell me what happened to those ornery mages.”

“I will be glad to do so.  I thank you very much for the suggestion you made.  I was pleasantly surprised that the mages repented and are now very enjoyable people, and now Lady Irene greatly enjoys being with them and they now respect her highly and give her tasks worthy of her ability.  AND, she now drives up and down the mountain in a convertible, as she did with you that time a decade ago!  And her parents have now read Tolkien’s The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings”.  They and the other mages now have lots of fun doing their work, just as you and I do.”


     The Woman In White cognomen has a double referent – her sterling character and the white clothing she wears.  The name is also quite appropriate for this tale, which narrates an insidious plot against her by the forces of darkness whose leader calls himself Darth Vader and who dresses like Darth Vader.  It was “Vader” who sent forth the two assassins whose ignominious failures were reported above. 

     Since then an astounding thing has happened:  he has been converted from Darkness unto Light.  He has disposed of his Darth Vader apparel and no longer calls himself “Darth Vader”.  The righteous life lived by the Woman In White was a strong factor in his conversion.  Therefore, it is not surprising that he now wears white clothing and that he now calls himself the “Man In White”.  AND he also wears white hats, because, of course, the good guys wear white hats!

Forrest Wayne Schultz

Grantville, GA

April 12, 2014