Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Strange Skotonians And The Vanishing Of The Wicked

The   Strange   Skotonians   And   The   Vanishing   Of   The   Wicked

By   Forrest   Wayne   Schultz


[This is my fortieth short story.  It is probably my most unusual one.  I guess that is appropriate because forty is supposed to be some kind of special number.]


     We now have irrefutable evidence that, incredible as it seems, Skotonian agents are causing the wicked to vanish from the Earth.  There is nothing strange concerning the Skotonians’ ability to do this – their computers know almost everything about all inhabitants of the Earth, and their engineers a long time ago developed very powerful teleportation devices.  What is strange is why the Skotonians, who are notorious for their evil deeds and whose very name means “darkness”, would want the wicked to vanish from the Earth

     I am one of the Photonian agents monitoring these Skotonian activities and trying to interpret their significance.  We know what they are doing but have no idea why they are doing it.  One of the members of our team is studying newly developed demonological and vampirological conceptions by Terrans to see if this may be a factor.  Among these new ideas are vampires who are good, vampires who wish to be delivered from vampirism, and demons who wish to end their rebellion and get back into a right relationship with God.  Another idea may be the desire of the Skotonians to confuse those Christians waiting for the Rapture of the Church.  The motive here would be to befuddle these people by causing a “rapture” of the wicked instead of a rapture of the righteous!

     The only thing we do know for sure is that long ago the Skotonians succeeded in their efforts to give Terrans the idea that the Devil is more interesting than God.  As a result, no systematic theologies include the fact that God is interesting, and that the Devil is boring.  But how this is related to the latest Skotonian project, we do not know.

     But we are going to keep trying to understand this.  Not just because it is our job, but because this is one of the most interesting tasks we Photonians agents have ever been given!


September 29, 2014


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