Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Acres Of Diamonds LIVES !!!

Acres Of Diamonds LIVES !!!


     A century ago there would be no need to explain to Americans what Acres Of Diamonds meant. It was the title of a short story delivered as a speech numerous times all over the nation by a great orator, Russell H. Conwell, whose resulting notoriety led him to become the Founder of Temple University in Philadelphia. The story can be summarized in one sentence -- it is about a man who spends his lifetime traveling all over the world in an unsuccessful quest for diamonds, after which he retires to his estate to dig a garden which results in finding literally acres of diamonds on his own property!!


     For some reason I thought of this story right after I was given a super-important fantasy quest needed to save the world -- find the magic ring and magic sword and magic book buried thousands of years ago. I thought to myself -- I will do like that guy did in Russell Conwell's story and try digging in my own back yard. I decided to time myself. Well, in seven minutes and seven seconds, CLUNK my spade struck the secret magic metal strongbox which, when opened by the magic key, shone forth a brilliant golden light which revealed the emplacement therein of the magic ring and magic sword and magic book.


     For which there was bestowed upon me a great prize I shall not name, and this story you are reading won the fantasy minimalist award for the shortest great fantasy story ever composed.


Forrest Wayne Schultz

Grantville, GA, USA, Solar System, Galaxy, Universe

January 15, 2013


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