Thursday, January 31, 2013



     Like the magic rings in many of your usual stories, I discovered this one by chance in a spooky kind of place,  and I got a really weird feeling when I picked it up and placed it on my finger.  Then a very unusual thing happened.

     On a sort of screen in front of me displayed in even more realism than Blu-Ray, there appeared a very beautiful and solemn and majestic woman speaking to me in the most elegant prose I have ever heard as though she were delivering an oration like The Gettysburg Address.   The gist of it was that she thanked me for finding the magic ring but stated that it was no longer needed because their kingdom had been delivered from disaster by some other means a long time ago.  However, this ring is their most precious and revered jewel, which they had sorely missed and which they are very pleased to have back in their possession – they just now magically transported it back to their palace. 

     As a reward, they have magically transported to my house a million dollars in gold coins and a sort of super-advanced computer which contains all the history of their land which is full of what we call magical stories.  And I am free to publish any of these stories as though I was their author!!  I was so stunned all I could do was mutter a very clumsy “Thank You” to the Lady.

     When I returned home, I found what the Lady promised.  I have just now begun to look at these stories on their “computer” and, folks, these stories are literally “out of this world”!!

Forrest Wayne Schultz

January 31, 2013  


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