Saturday, June 9, 2012



By Forrest Wayne Schultz

     As soon as I palmed the Cyanorod, there appeared on the wall in front of me a "movie" showing the scene of interest. Our mission: to recover the Xenocube from the mansion of the Unman [who was referred to a long time ago by Ray Bradbury as "Something Wicked this way comes"]. We accomplished our mission before Bradbury died yesterday, i.e. in time to fulfill the prophecy.

     My partner in anti-crime is the indomitable Cara Coer [who was raised by her parents to emulate Cara-The-Feisty, the Hero of "Seabird"]. She arrived at the scene as soon as I, following the instructions in the "movie", hit the "Summon Cara" button on The Cyanorod.

     After Cara exterminated the Unman and his guards, I hit the "Retrieve Xenocube" button. This opened the Xenovault and caused the Xenocube to rise and travel through the air and into the palm of the right hand of Cara, who used it to transport the Unman and his guards to the Xeno-Universe.

     After this I had a delightful conversation with Cara about her namesake.

Written on June 6, 2012 as a tribute to Ray Bradbury for his authorship of the book noted, and as a way of thanking Sherry Thompson for her great character Cara.

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