Tuesday, June 19, 2012



By Forrest Wayne Schultz

“The closest analogy to this is ‘The Machine’ in the television show ‘Person Of Interest’. All we know is that there is an intent to inflict great harm. We do not know if this woman will be the perpetrator or the victim of this intended harm, or if she is involved in some other way. All we know is that she is the Person Of Interest here. Your mission is to prevent the intended harm; and your first step is meeting this woman. She is in the park toward which you are being driven.”

“Wow!”, I thought, “That narrator sounds a lot like Finch, the inventor of ‘The Machine’ , but I am in no way a macho man like the guy Reese that Finch sends out on those missions to stop crimes.”

My chauffeur, Cara Coer, who is tough like Reese, senses my mood and reminds me of our motto: DTM-EI-YASTD (Do The Mission – Even If – You Are Scared To Death). As we enter the park we receive the latest intel, which isn’t much. The woman’s name is Liz, she is 44 and single, and she is here in the park with her niece Mandy, who is eight years old. Then the screen shows them in real time and full color (framed by a magenta colored rectangle) seated in a gazebo.

As I spot them, Cara barely has time to pull into the parking lot without squealing the tires. Before I lose my nerve, I get out of the car and slowly walk toward the gazebo with great trepidation. Cara remains in the car. This is my battle, not hers.

Suddenly Mandy looks in my direction, gets up, and runs to meet me, and I am astonished to behold on her finger the Magentaring!


“I see your beautiful magenta colored ring, Mandy!”

“And I see your gorgeous bluish-green ring, sir!”

“I call it the Cyanoring, and it tells me that great danger is approaching and that we need to hold hands.”

“I have exactly the same message, and I believe that my Magentaring needs to be touching your Cyanoring.”

“I concur. Let’s do it immediately.”

We did so, causing a super-surge of fantasy power to go forth which (1). slew The Thirteen Wicked Somethings before they could this way come, and (2). cast their “remains” into a certain deeeeeeeeeeeeep river which has waited a long time to entomb the Wicked Somethings.

As usual with the Cyanoring, the operation was sophisticated with no superfluities, such as the poofs, bangs, sparks, woo-woo music and other silliness which the childish mages use. Consequently no one besides me and Mandy knew what had happened. So I quickly told Cara via our super high tech communicator that the mission was successful: the harm was averted; Liz was the intended victim; and Mandy and I are now going to the gazebo to tell Liz what happened.


Like Cyanorod-2, this tale was prompted by and is intended to pay tribute to the recently deceased Ray Bradbury for his great story “Something Wicked This Way Comes”, and to express my gratitude to Sherry Thompson for the creation of the memorable character Cara, the namesake of my character Cara Coer.

June 19, 2012


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