Thursday, July 1, 2010


My Meta-Mission

By Forrest Wayne Schultz

This story is super-brief, so I shall also be super-brief in explaining the “meta-“ prefix. Just as a meta-statement is a statement about another statement (rather than your typical statement, e.g. about your dog), so a meta-mission is a mission about another mission rather than your typical mission. I needed to make this distinction immediately upon my arrival on this planet because they mistakenly thought I was there for your typical salvific mission. I told them that there was no need for a salvific mission. They already had had a salvific mission. My mission was a meta-mission because it pertained to that previous mission.

The deadly danger that was threatening to kill all inhabitants of this planet HAD ALREADY BEEN CURED by the previous mission, the salvific mission, i.e. it had given them the CURE! There were two problems. First, the cure was not being administered to all inhabitants. Secondly, those who were receiving the cure were NOT taking the full dosage – they were only taking partial dosages, which did some good but did not wipe out the malady completely.

Soooo, my meta-mission was to tell them to do two things: 1. administer the cure to all instead of only some; and 2. to take the full dosage, instead of a partial dosage.

Thus endeth my meta-mission whereupon I returned to Earth but I wondered if it had done any good because there was something about those people that put me in mind of some of the weird denizens of those lands visited in days of yore by the esteemed Gulliver.

July 1, 2010
Grantville, Georgia, USA, Earth, Solar System, Galaxy, Universe

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