Friday, July 30, 2010


D. Boone Rescued By A “Bar”

By Forrest Wayne Schultz

Few boys ever liked their name as much as Dan’l Boone did. He took great pride in being a direct descendant of THE Dan’l Boone. He loved hearing about all the exploits of his great namesake, especially the one about his famous carving:
“D. Boone Killed A Bar On This Tree”.

Dan’l loved living in the North Georgia mountains. He enjoyed hiking and camping in the large forest next to his house. Some times he went alone and other times he went with his Boy Scout troop. He eagerly learned camping lore, and he especially enjoyed first-aid, which he also learned from his Daddy, who worked for EMS. Whenever Dan’l went on one of his trips into the woods he always took with him his canteen, his first aid kit, his knife, and other Scouting supplies. His carefully followed the Boy Scout Motto: Be Prepared!!

One day when Dan’l was on a long hike deep in the woods, he heard a loud cry that sounded like an animal was hurt. When he left the trail to investigate he found a large bear in great pain from a long tough thorn in one of his paws. So, Dan’l got out his canteen and his first aid kit and went to work. The bear was very intelligent: he immediately knew what Dan’l was doing and he fully co-operated. He ceased his howling and he remained still while Dan’l extracted the thorn and applied disinfectant and balm to the wound. The bear expressed his gratitude to Dan’l by giving him a famous bear hug.

The bear lay down and took a nap to recuperate while Dan’l got out his Boy Scout knife and carved into the trunk of the big tree there these words: “D. Boone Removed A Thorn From The Paw Of A Bear Under This Tree in 2003”.

The carving was hard work and took a long time but it was fun! When Dan’l finished, he got out his canteen and took a swig of water as the bear woke up from his nap. The bear then offered one of his good paws to Dan’l and led him back to the trail.

Two years later Dan’l did a very foolish thing. He left to go on a hike in the woods without taking any supplies with him!! No first aid kit, no canteen, no compass, no knife, nothing at all!! That day Dan’l was NOT prepared! Then he added to his foolishness by wandering off of the trail.

This was a very bad day to be unprepared. For the sky was getting ever darker and the temperature was getting colder and colder until finally it began snowing very hard and soon Dan’l was not only shivering but realized he was hopelessly lost.

Then he looked and saw a strange sight. Right in front of him the Bear – Yes, the same Bear – appeared and recognized Dan’l and gave him another bear hug and then lifted him onto his back and ran through the woods all the way to Danl’s home. Dan’l was never so glad to be home in all his life!

His mother came to the door just in time to see Dan’l give the bear a goodbye/thank-you hug.

“Yes, Ma! That was THE Bear,” he said.

July 27, 2010
Children’s Fantasy

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