Saturday, June 19, 2010


Why I Did Not Become A Hero



A Nano-Story




By Forrest W. Schultz




Before I tell you this story, let me warn any writers or aspiring writers not to use it as a model for your stories. If you want to get them published, that is. There is only one point to this story, so I shall get right to it.


I love solving mysteries and love the thought of being a hero, but God told me I was to do no such thing. So, I immediately packed my bags and left town and never returned and I put the matter from my mind except for my decision now to write this to exhort you not to do something if God tells you not to.


Amen & Finis.


P.S. The "Nano-" in "Nano-Story" means very very small, as in Nanotechnology. It has no reference to NaNo – National Novel Writing Month!!

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