Wednesday, April 8, 2015




By  Forrest  Wayne  Schultz

1.     Returns  Of  The  Three

     What a great way to start a day!!  I finally persuaded my supervisor to permit me to do my work at home on the computer.  AND I decided to move back into my spacious boyhood bedroom in our spacious ancestral home:  I am really sick of urban/suburban living – I yearn to return to the rural community where I grew up.

     I had no sooner finished packing my stuff into my car when I received a phone call from our family’s lawyer informing me that my father had died and that the house and farm had been put into my name after my mother died so that I now own it:  all I need to do is sign a few legal papers.  AND my father has donated his body to medical research and wishes no funeral or memorial service for which I am also grateful.  AND my father had, wisely, because of his declining health, leased out all of the pastures and fields to the adjacent farmer, so that all I will need to do is to tend to the garden and yards surrounding the house.

     When I arrived at the lawyer’s office I was pleasantly surprised to see that his son Dale, a friend from my high school years, had also decided to return to our rural community and was now working at his father’s law firm:  he had hated working at the high-pressure law firm in the city where he was treated as little better than a slave.  AND, to top it all off, Dale told me that our highly cherished school classmate Jenna, had also decided to come home to work in her family’s business and will be arriving tomorrow.


2.     A Most Unusual Murder Mystery

     After I signed the legal papers and finished my getting-up-to-date chat with Dale I went to move into my inherited house.  I had no sooner arrived when I received a visit from yet another friend, this one from my college days.  He works for some kind of super-secret FBI-like group that has uncovered a plot to assassinate a woman at a house in the woods about a mile north of my house.  He has just finished installing into that house a super-advanced electronic surveillance system.  He is very short-handed now so he wants to install the reception devices into my house with me the monitor.  After his terse plea to me to do this, he plunked down a HUGE amount of cash to pay me.  This plus his friendship plus my sense of duty caused me to accept.  He quickly installed the equipment, instructed me in its use and then departed.  This equipment provides both an audio and video coverage of the house and the area outside the house plus a telephone tap.

     After he left and I finished moving in I contacted via the Cyanocube my supernatural friend Michael and the following conversation ensued:

“Oh, Michael, are you there?”

“Yes, I am, Cyanocube Bearer, and I have been awaiting your call!”

“Aha!  I assume then that you know about this criminal gang and their plans and that I have returned to my ancestral home and have been asked to play a role in the prevention of their crime.”

“Indeed, I do, and I have important info to convey to you.  First, your friend and his team have been brutally slain by the criminals. Second,   The entire criminal gang was killed a few minutes ago when their house sank into a sinkhole.  And, third, the woman targeted for assassination has vanished.”                              


     I was so dumbfounded I have forgotten exactly how we concluded the conversation, except that we agreed to keep in touch.  Then I finished straightening up my bedroom and getting it stocked with food,  most of it in my minifridge so I would be near the surveillance equipment.

     The next morning an alarm went off and I heard the sound of a car coming up the driveway, followed by a video screen showing me the back of a woman getting out of this car.  I was stunned when I saw the back of her head – this woman had RED hair, not BLOND hair, as the mystery woman did!  Then she turned around and I saw her face and was thoroughly astonished when I saw that it was JENNA!! 

     Then, suddenly the answer came to me.  I remember that when we were in high school one time she told me she wanted to travel around

Incognito as a blond-haired woman!  Then, after a bit of thought I decided not to say anything to anybody about this since I am now the only one alive which knows about this.

3.     A New Mystery

     As I was pondering what to do now, her phone rang and the tap showed the call was from Dale.  I immediately shut off the surveillance equipment.  To use it any more would be snooping.  In re Dale and Jenna, well, I am going to keep that as my mystery.

April 7, 2015



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